Swimming pools

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools should be treated with extremely hydrophobic and hydrolysis resistant waterproofing systems that would also be suitable for potablity and resistivity to cleaning agents. The waterproofing system should have strong adhesion to substrate, certified for potability and resilient to tank cleaning mechanisms

HYPERDESMO®-2K-W is a two component, thixotropic, solvent free coating based on high quality elastomeric polyurethane resins, which is certified for using in potable water tanks. With 100% solid content, it produces a strong flexible-elastic membrane completely impermeable by water after polymerisation of liquid membrane. Unlike many conventional coating products there is no need of a protective top coat on this system.


INTERNAL: HYPERDESMO®-2K-W certified for potable water (O.T.E.C institute in accordance to the EU guideline 98/83/EC), having excellent chemical and mechanical resistance shall be applied, over the coat of primer AQUASMART®– DUR.

The cured membrane shall have typical properties of Tensile strength >20 MPa, Adhesion to concrete > 2 MPa and Water absorption <0.5%.

HYPERDESMO®-2K-W does not need any further protective plaster.


  • Detailed specifications with respect to individual project and application conditions.
  • Required consumption or coverage details along with application methods.