Composite Elements Sandwich Panels

Joint Sealing in composite panels used for roofs, partitions and dry walls demands multiple features like moisture barrier, thermal insulation, sound insulation, strong, durable and water-resistance, that is why ALCHIMICA has developed one of the world’s most reliable sealant suitable for the said requirements.

EXPANDABLE SEAL is a single component, solvent free, Polyurethane adhesive and thixotropic which has to be suited for vertical applications. It is moisture cured material and forms a strong, durable, and water-resistant. It provides an excellent thermal insulating properties and particularly use in manufacture of sandwich elements such wood, plastic, aluminium & gypsum or cement board etc.,
HYPERGLUE-2K TX-100 is a solvent free, two component, and semi-rigid, fast-curing, polyurethane adhesive. It is based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resins plus special inorganic fillers that provide the material with waterproofing as well as adhesive properties.

Application Method

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be cleaned or removed down to a solid and stable base material by wire brush and air blower.

Application of PU Adhesives

It is applied on one of the two surfaces and then the two elements are joined together. For some applications, it might be necessary to use a mechanical support until the adhesive develops its strength.


  • Detailed specifications with respect to individual project and application conditions.
  • Required consumption or coverage details along with application methods.