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Airport Runways, Aprons & Concrete Highways and Pavement joints should be sealed with materials that will withstand heavy duty traffic and have an excellent chemical resistance to fuels, lubricant oil and cleaning chemicals. HYPERSEAL® range of sealants offers high performance sealing solutions which has an ease of application and maintenance. Due to its self-levelling property of joint sealant, it is ideally suitable for large expansion joints.
HYPERSEAL®-2K-F is a two-component, self-levelling, non-sagging, pourable horizontal grade PU sealant and has ability to withstand vehicular traffic. It has better resistance to chemicals and other severe exposures. It is widely used in large Expansion joint in horizontal direction.

Application Method

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be cleaned or removed down to a solid and stable base material. The damaged concrete edge surfaces can be rectified by using with HYGROSMART FIBRE or EPOXY RESIN 21-T.

Laying of Backer Rod

Backer rod is laid over the prepared surface.This acts as the support for filling the HYPERSEAL PU sealant.

Application of Primer

The sides of the joint should be primed with MICROSEALER -50 primer (dry surface) and AQUASMART®– DUR primer (wet surface).

Application of PU Sealants

After complete drying of primer, Masking tape is stretched and applied along the both sides of the line to be sealed. A two component HYPERSEAL®-2K-F shall be mixed well and poured slowly into the joints. The edge masking tape should be removed before the joint sealant is hardened.


  • Detailed specifications with respect to individual project and application conditions.
  • Required consumption or coverage details along with application methods.