The single most important element in a roof is protecting the integrity and the structural components on the roof. For this reason, there must be a waterproofing system with exceptional longevity to prevent damage and to reduce the possibility of long-term expensive reconstruction.

The roof of a building is the most affected part, directly impacted by ingress of water through rains. The leakage from the terrace or roof slab causes serious damages to the structure through seepage. The dampness inside the structure that results due to seepage, damages the interiors and creates hygiene problems. Excess moisture leads to growth of microbes, such as mould, fungi and bacteria in the interiors of the structure.

The roof slabs that are exposed and cannot be overlaid by a protection layer, should be waterproofed by an excellent light weight UV resistant medium which will also have good abrasion resistance and elongation properties. While there are limited solutions available, we have a range of high-performance PU Coatings suitable for exposed roofs.
The Roof Slabs & Roof Garden Slabs in a building which has an overlay should be treated with an effective waterproofing medium which should be defect free regardless of temperature and humidity with high crack-bridging capabilities and certified as anti-root barrier.

The main criteria for selection of a waterproofing material in roofs are Integrity and durability of the weather proofing material and performance. Flat roof finishes are the most vulnerable due to low movement tolerance to the drains. Roof are often complicated structures with many Plumbing and HVAC installations at the roof, so the waterproofing material should be suitable to meet all these critical needs.

The repair or waterproofing restoration on many old roofs are often limit the types of waterproofing system that can be used. The repair & restoration by conventional waterproofing technologies add up the dead load of the roof slab with the protection layers. A removal of old protection layer & waterproofing materials challenges the structural integrity.

That is why ALCHIMICA has developed exclusive waterproofing solutions for both EXPOSED and NON-EXPOSED applications.


  • Detailed specifications with respect to individual project and application conditions.
  • Required consumption or coverage details along with application methods.