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HYPEGLUE-TX40 is a one component solvent-less, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive. The adhesive combines high elasticity and excellent mechanical properties, therefore allowing planks of wood to expand and contract without damage.

It is suitable for bonding a broad range of parquet and wooden floors onto various indoor substrates.

Bonding of:

  • Stab Parquet,
  • Laminated and pre-finished parquet,
  • Mosaic Parquet,
  • Industrial Parquet,
  • Chip Boards,
  • Exotic Timber,
  • Industrial Floors.


HYPERGLUE-1K-R is solvent free, moisture curing one component adhesive polyurethane base. It provides excellent adhesion and strength even at room temperature application.


HYPERGLUE-2K is a solvent free, two component, semi -rigid, polyurethane adhesive. The product has a long pot-life of 30 min, and has a very low viscosity, rendering it very simple and easy in application. If fast Cure is desired (spray application) we recommend the use of HYPERGLUE-2K-FC.

The product is based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resins plus special inorganic fillers that provide the material with waterproofing as well as adhesive properties.

Recommended for the manufacture of sandwich elements made of:

  • Wood
  • Rigid foam (polyurethane extruded or expanded polystyrene)
  • Aluminium, steel
  • Gypsum or cement board