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Aquasmart® System


AQUASMART PU PAINT is a two component, water based, aliphatic elastic, hydrophobic Polyurethane paint with exceptional performance in difficult climatic conditions.

AQUASMART PU PAINT displays zero dirt pick up and being 100% aliphatic polyurethane does not yellow or discolor over time


AQUASMART HYBRID-2K is a two component, water based, aliphatic polyurethane/Acryl hybrid coating for waterproofing and protection.

The product is easily applied on both vertical and horizontal substrates and forms a seamless, elastic and hydrophobic membrane.


AQUASMART PU Finish Matte-2K is a two component, water based, aliphatic paint ideal for top coat applications and concrete/ natural stone protection. The product provides a satin finish.

The material has excellent abrasion resistance and combined with ease of coloring and perfect hiding power, it is the ideal UV top coat over self leveling polyurethane and epoxy floors.

AQUASMART PU Finish Matte-2K has excellent impregnation on natural stone, mosaic and concrete screeds.


AQUASMART PU-2K is a two component, water based, aliphatic coating with exceptional performance in a multitude of applications. Apart from the water, chemical and UV resistance the material also displays exceptional ease of application. Due to the thixotropic nature it is easily applied on any surface no matter how complex.


AQUASMART THERMO is a one component, water based insulating paint for both interior and exterior use. It is a100% aliphatic, water-based polyurethane with exceptional performance in difficult climatic conditions.

AQUASMART THERMO is a unique insulating product specifically designed to reduce unwanted summer time heat gain and unwanted winter time heat loss from buildings to which it has been applied. The product retains its insulating properties due to the fact that the cells are 100% closed always.


AQUASMART-DUR is a two-component, water based, epoxy coating, specially formulated for use in a 1:1 by volume ratio. This allows the user to consume even the smallest quantities and store the material for future needs. The viscosity of the material is low and the pot life long, making it ideal for DIY applications. AQUASMART-DUR can be easily colored with universal pigment pastes available in hardware stores and can be filled with equal parts of quartz sand.


AQUASMART®–PB is a two- component, bitumen extended, water based, coating with exceptional thixotropic properties ideal for the waterproofing of foundation walls and wet rooms. The material unlike most bitumen emulsion based material, is quick drying and can be applied in thick coats. Furthermore, the material has the characteristics of a true elastomer and does not resemble the thermoplastic materials of the same genre.